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7 Things Tourists Don't Do in Tokyo, but You Should

Perspectives of Tokyo unexpected and overlooked by most tourists...

Many tourists come to Tokyo expecting to see people-packed streets, skyscrapers adorned in bright lights, and stores packed to the brim with tech gear, video games, anime, and kawaii fashion. Because this is what most tourists expect, this is what most tourists see. Although the city does host such experiences, Tokyo is not a video game or a cartoon. It’s a real city with real people and has more to offer.

If you want to see more of Tokyo than the Tokyo you expect, here are seven alternate dimensions of the city that are favorites of In total, it is hoped that these locations go beyond your expectations and provide at least a bit more thorough and complex understanding of the city than the top tourist attractions alone.

Just as does for our 7 Things Tourists Do in Tokyo That You Should Do Also, we likewise show you how to reach each of these destinations by mass transit — in this case, via the Tokyo Metro, Toei Metro, Toden Arakawa Tram, JR East, and the Tokyu rail system — and provide the best exits to use and the most convenient walks in each location. Let’s get started...

Click an image for complete info and a local area map with our preferred transit and walking suggestions.

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