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7 Things Tourists Don't Do in London, but You Should

Intriguing “Other Londons” overlooked by most tourists...

It's often said that one person's London can be completely different from another person’s London, and this really is quite true.

If you want to see more of London than the classic “London, Baby!*” episode of Friends, here are seven “other Londons” that are favourites of and that few tourists see, but in aggregate endeavour to provide a much more nuanced and complex understanding of the city than the top tourist attractions. It’s a reasonably safe bet that even most native Londoners never have been to all seven of these neighbourhoods.

Just as does for our 7 Things Tourists Do in London That You Should Do Also, we likewise show you how to reach each destination via London's mass transit — in this case, via London Underground, River Bus, and National Rail — as well as the best exits to use and our preferred walks in each location. Let's get started...

Click an image for complete info and a local area map with our preferred transit and walking suggestions.

*For the nitpickingly precise, the episode of Friends in London formally is titled the rather awkward "The One with Ross's Wedding: Part One."

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Live in London? What's your favourite "local" thing to do? Spotted anything out-of-date? Please tell Thanks, mate.

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