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Tokyo, Japan — one of the largest and most dynamic cities on Earth — is known worldwide mostly indirectly from its decades of exporting cars, electronics, video games, anime, toys, and fashion. People around the world often think this interaction with Japanese products gives them some connection to Tokyo, and they put it on their list as a must-see destination, accordingly. Of course, truly understanding Tokyo is much more complicated than buying its merchandise.

Like Los Angeles, Tokyo is not really one city, but rather several cities fused together over time. Tokyo is much denser than LA, but still it is possible to notice distinct cores of older cities that Tokyo and LA each have swallowed. In terms of its overall built environment, Tokyo is a bit of an enigma; an orderly chaos. Fast, but formal and procedural. A street structure from an ancient past with buildings that could be from the future. Machines with vintage CRT displays and analog push buttons to dispense tickets for high-speed trains.

Tokyo's walking environment often could be better — side streets commonly do not have sidewalks, for example — but people walk everywhere. Despite needed improvements, paradoxically, when combined with its dozens of intertwined rail systems, Tokyo is a great city to explore on foot or by bike. As a visitor, what you see and experience on the journey often is at least as exciting and interesting as any particular destination.

Although Tokyo is not an inexpensive city, has found that decades of deflation and often ruthless local competition mean that Tokyo is not more expensive than other major world cities like London or Paris these days. Read on to make the most of your visit...

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Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

From the peace and quiet of Shinjuku Gyoen (新宿御苑) and Meiji Jingu (明治神宮) to the hustle and bustle of the Shibuya Scramble (渋谷スクランブル交差点) and Takeshita Street (竹下通り) and boisterous nightlife in Kabukicho (歌舞伎町) and Roppongi (六本木), Tokyo has a large number of things for tourists to do and see. Among popular Tokyo attractions,'s top seven are...

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Jimbocho, Tokyo, Japan

From the proudly low-tech book district of Jimbocho (神保町) and the city's most attractive shotengai, Asagaya Pearl (阿佐谷パール), to the last tram line, Toden Arakawa (都電荒川線), and what is likely the world's best freeway junction, Meguro Sky Garden (目黒天空庭園), Tokyo has many things to do beyond what tourists expect. Among overlooked Tokyo experiences,’s favorite seven are…

Tokyo Photo Gallery

A collection of some of's photos from Tokyo.

Tokyo Travel Photography Gallery
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