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7 Things Tourists Don't Do in Taipei, but You Should

Worthwhile Taipei attractions overlooked by most tourists...

Most tourists only have a brief time to visit Taipei or any other city, and this means that few are able to see more than the top tourist attractions. However, here are seven things that has discovered on multiple — and often long-term — visits to Taipei that most tourists either underappreciate or overlook altogether, and that we think are well worth the trek for a better understanding of the city and its people.

Just as does for our 7 Things Tourists Do in Taipei That You Should Do Also, we likewise show you how to reach each of these destinations exclusively via Taipei's safe and inexpensive metro system (MRT), complete with the best exits to use and the most convenient walks for each location. Let's get started...

Click an image for complete info and a local area map with our preferred transit and walking suggestions.

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