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Taipei, Taiwan (Republic of China) — officially known as "Taipei City" (臺北市) — doesn't receive as many international tourists as other Asia hotspots like Bangkok, Singapore, and Seoul, but it is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among mainland Chinese tourists who would like to learn more about their cousins across the Strait and their often shared culture and history.

Although Taipei rarely feels overwhelmed by laowai (老外), it is starting to become more noticed as a place to visit for Western tourists, as well. Western tourists, students, and expats often find the city compelling as a more orderly — and increasingly more affordable — alternative to major mainland Chinese cities as a place to visit, study, and live. No doubt the often more relaxed visa requirements and government policies help, too.

If you've never thought about Taipei as a place to see, suggests that you put it on your list to visit as it has a lot to offer. Perhaps because of a concerted effort to preserve traditional Chinese culture — and a generally less adversarial view toward its time as a colony under Imperial Japan — Taipei even can feel more Chinese than mainland China and almost as Japanese as Japan. As a city, Taipei also has grown fairly organically, and has a sense of neighborhoods, which can be lacking in some Asian megacities.

Taipei certainly brings the old and new together in a compelling fashion. Read on to make the most of your journey...

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Taipei 101 - View from Elephant Mountain, Taipei, Taiwan

From historic temples and architecture like Longshan (龍山寺) and Bopiliao (剝皮寮歷史街區) to modern walking zones like Ximending (西門町) and Xinyi (信義區) and famous night markets like Raohe (饒河街觀光夜市) and Shilin (士林夜市), Taipei has a wide variety of things for tourists to do and see. Among popular Taipei attractions,'s favorite seven are...

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Taipei, Taiwan -- Ningxia Night Market & Other Small Night Markets

From the largest Buddhist Temple in Taipei, Shandao Temple (善導寺), and perhaps the world's best underground civic space in the Zhongshan Metro Mall (中山地下街) to smaller, underappreciated night markets like Ningxia (寧夏夜市) and an indie music scene in Gongguan (公館), Taipei has a number of things to do and see that commonly are overlooked. Among overlooked Taipei experiences,'s favorite seven are...

Taipei Photo Gallery

A collection of some of's photos from Taipei.

Taipei Travel Photography Gallery
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