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7 Things Tourists Don't Do in Seoul, but You Should

Seoul attractions unexpected and overlooked by most tourists...

In recent years, a tourist's concept of Seoul — particularly a waeguk (외국인) tourist from the West — no doubt has been colored by the goofy and unusual antics of Psy's "Gangnam Style" and perhaps other music videos cranked out by the K-Pop Industrial Complex. This strange and offbeat aspect of Seoul does exist, at least to some extent, but it is merely a handful of pages in the tome that is Seoul.

If you want to see more of Seoul than the Seoul you expect, here are seven alternate snapshots of the city that are favorites of In total, it is hoped that these destinations — selected from more than 300 metro stations across the sprawling city — provide a bit more diverse and complex understanding of Seoul than visiting the top tourist attractions alone.

Just as does for our 7 Things Tourists Do in Seoul That You Should Do Also, we likewise show you how to reach each of these destinations exclusively via Seoul's metro system as well as the best exits to use and the most convenient walks in each location. Let's get started...

Click an image for complete info and a local area map with our preferred transit and walking suggestions.

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