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Rome, Italy — nicknamed "Urbs Aeterna" in Latin which translates into English as the "Eternal City" — is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in Europe. Today, much of the center of old Roma is continuously inhabited by tourists.

Rome has long been an attractive destination for visitors whether they have a genuine desire to understand the history of Western Civilization, learn more about the origins of Christianity, admire vast collections of artwork and scultpture, or merely photograph themselves in front of recognizable monuments and eat pizza and gelato like generations of tourists before them.

Because the city contains the Vatican, most of Rome was not targeted heavily by aerial bombing in WWI and WWII and managed to escape major damage accordingly. Unfortunately, Rome was damaged significantly by automobile-based city planning starting in the 1950s; and the city has not made as many subsequent improvements to walking and transit as other regional European capitals like Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid. However, diligent city planners are hard at work to overcome political and financial limitations to improve Rome. Efforts are perhaps most visible in the form of new tramlines and the beautiful new metro Line C that is mostly operational now and scheduled for completion in 2021.

Although Rome is not an inexpensive city, it generally is cheaper than northern Europe, and has found that a weaker Euro relative to other global currencies means that now may be a more affordable time for you to visit Rome than in past years. Read more to get the most from your pilgrimage...

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