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London, England (United Kingdom) — perhaps the most globalised and most frequently visited city on Earth — is a reflection of thousands of years of human history. It is a mixture of hundreds of cultures from around the world jostling together with a unique energy that combines cooperation with competition as well as appreciation with apprehension.

London has long been a city in flux, but the last decade has brought particularly significant changes to its built environment. Historical stone and brick, Modernist concrete, and the latest glass daggers often now fight with one another for control of the city's streets and its skyline. Although locals may grumble about the Underground, and the older subway lines seem to be in a near constant state of repair and improvement, the rail system does an admirable job of tying together a sprawling city and makes it easy to explore. Pack some good walking shoes, too, because London often is best seen on foot.

It is true that London can have miserable weather — and the grey skies and rain can be draining if you find yourself living in London — but the "London fog" often is part of the charm for tourists. The grey skies tend to make you appreciate all six weeks or so of sunshine each year, also.

Although business opportunities may slow in a post-Brexit world, tourists should be happy to take advantage of the drop in the British Pound relative to other global currencies. From a strictly financial standpoint, suggests that now is a better time to visit London than it has been in years. Read on to make the most of your journey...

7 Things Tourists Don't Do in London, but You Should

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Romford, London, England

From the decidedly non-Victorian business district of Canary Wharf and the foreign money oddity of "Billionaire's Row" to cultural enclaves like Southall and the more traditionally English, pro-Brexit Romford, London has numerous things to do outside the realm of what tourists expect. Among overlooked London experiences,'s favourite seven are...

London Photo Gallery

A collection of some of's photos from London.

London Travel Photography Gallery
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