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7 Things Tourists Do in Kuala Lumpur That You Should Do Also

Well-known, must-see attractions in Kuala Lumpur...

Pandemic Travel Update: Malaysia largely is closed to foreign nationals. If you are not in Kuala Lumpur already, be sure to check current government orders regarding who is and is not allowed to visit before planning your travels. Double check to make sure that specific attractions of interest are open for the dates of your visit, too.

Among Kuala Lumpur's attractions — based on multiple visits — here are's top seven things that are popular to do in Kuala Lumpur that you shouldn't miss. From the world's tallest twin towers to small, but beautiful mosques and world-class shopping along tree-lined streets to local dining in people-only throughfares, Kuala Lumpur provides a great deal to do and see.

Perhaps most importantly, shows you how to avoid Kuala Lumpur's notoriously dishonest taxi drivers entirely and make it to each destination exclusively via KL's alphabet soup of mass transit systems. Our directions utlitise the elevated monorail and LRT, underground MRT, and KTM commuter lines, complete with the best exits to use and the most straightforward walks for each attraction. Let's get started...

Click a photo for details on each attraction, how to get there, the best walks, what to see in each neighbourhood, where to eat nearby, and much more. We also have these itineraries on a map.'s Top 7 Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur Map (Full Screen)

For worthwhile attractions overlooked or underappreciated by most tourists in Kuala Lumpur, also see our 7 Things Tourists Don't Do in Kuala Lumpur, but You Should.

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