"Capital of a stateless nation, Mediterranean port city, the place where anarchism triumphed, the site of the rebirth of the Olympic movement in an orgy of spectacle and urban potential… Barcelona is all of these things at once." — Robert Davidson, A Companion to Catalan Culture, 2011 (p. 112)

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7 Things Tourists Don't Do in Barcelona, but You Should

Barcelona attractions and neighborhoods unexplored by most tourists...

2023 Travel Update: As of 2023, Spain essentially is open for tourism by both vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers without Covid-specific documentation or testing. However, be sure to double check the official government site for up-to-the minute details.

Many tourists visit Barcelona expecting to soak up some sun at the beach, to admire Gaudí architecture, and to eat a paella or two. Although these certainly are enjoyable activities, Barcelona can be more than its famous attractions that dot its well-worn tour bus routes.

If you want to get away from the districts where tourists are at their thickest and see more of the city, here are seven alternate perspectives of Barcelona that are favorites of Collectively, it is hoped that these locales go beyond your expectations and provide at least a slightly more nuanced and detailed understanding of Barcelona than visiting only the top tourist attractions.

Just as does for our 7 Things Tourists Do in Barcelona That You Should Do Also, we likewise show you how to reach each destination via the Barcelona Metro (TMB, FGC), complete with the best exits to use and the most pleasurable walks for each destination. Let's get started...

Click a photo for details on each attraction, how to get there, our favorite walks, what to see in each neighborhood, where to eat nearby, and much more. We also have these itineraries on a map.'s 7 Overlooked Things to Do in Barcelona Map (Full Screen)

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